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Procured Items

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Fine Mayan Stone DaggerFine Mayan Stone Dagger
Valdivian StoneValdivian Stone
1912 Yale Peru Book1912 Yale Peru Book
Guangala EffigyGuangala Effigy
Jamacoaque VesselJamacoaque Vessel
Jamacoaque GraderJamacoaque Grader
Jamacoaque Roller SelloJamacoaque Roller Sello
Jamacoaque SelloJamacoaque Sello
La Tolita VesselLa Tolita Vessel
La Tolita TumacoLa Tolita Tumaco
Valdivian StonesValdivian Stones
Valdivian BookValdivian Book
Valdivian MortarValdivian Mortar
Valdivian StoneValdivian Stone
Tarascan RingTarascan Ring
Post Inca BladePost Inca Blade
Aztec WhistleAztec Whistle
Maya “Bahlam” Jaguar HeadMaya “Bahlam” Jaguar Head
Inca KeroInca Kero
Aztec Eagle Warrior MasketteAztec Eagle Warrior Maskette

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