The Galeria Contici Background of a mountain scene darkened.
The Galeria Contici Background of a mountain scene darkened.
The Galeria Contici Background of a mountain scene darkened.
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"Pre-Columbian art’s enduring allure lies in its power to captivate and transport us to a realm where art was a sacred expression of life, not merely decoration.”
– Unknown
An Olmec mask is part of pre-Columbian artifacts.
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“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”
– Aristotle
A Taino Duho is part of pre-Columbian artifacts.
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“Art is the signature of civilizations.”
- Beverly Sills
Inca figurines are part of pre-Columbian artifacts.

Genuine Pre-Columbian Artifacts For Seasoned And Inspired Collectors Alike

Ancient art is timeless beauty frozen in time, a testament to human creativity. Explore the rich cultural heritage with Galeria ConTici Pre-columbian artifacts, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship and authenticity. For over 15 years, Galeria ConTici has passionately devoted our expertise to curating an exceptional collection of unique and impressive Pre-Columbian artifacts, offering our discerning clientele a journey through time and culture. Each piece in our collection is a testament to the intricate quality of ancient civilizations, evoking a deep appreciation for fine art.

Explore comparable antiquities on display at renowned museums to appreciate the history and artistry behind our collection. Museum Collection Portal

We offer genuine Pre-Columbian artifacts for sale to seasoned and inspired collectors alike, from refined ceremonial pieces to practical items. Artifacts include pottery, sculptures, masks, and jewelry. Our gallery’s collection consists of diverse pieces from various cultures, such as the Olmec, Aztec, Maya, and Inca, and even lesser-known ones like the Condorhuasi from Argentina and the Fremont from the Utah region of the US. Each culture adds a unique perspective to our collection’s rich human history and creativity tapestry.

Moreover, apart from selling antiquities, we also offer consultation and educational resources on this subject.

At Galeria ConTici, we prioritize authenticity, subjecting every valued item to rigorous microscopic analysis. We meticulously vet each artifact to represent the specified culture and age authentically. We stand behind the genuineness of our collection with an unconditional guarantee, providing our clients with confidence in the authenticity of their acquisitions.

When it comes to art collection and acquisition, verifying authenticity is also crucial. Galeria Contici offers thorough database checks, incorporating the use of those provided by the Art Loss Register (ALR), which are essential. These databases contain extensive records of stolen art and cultural artifacts, aiding in confirming legitimacy and preventing the unwitting acquisition of illicit pieces. Successful verification enhances a piece’s value and demonstrates a commitment to ethical art stewardship and cultural preservation. Authenticity through database checks is vital for upholding ethical standards and safeguarding cultural heritage.

All artifacts at Galeria ConTici are ethically sourced and legally obtained by mainly acquiring old family collections and Museum deaccessions. Our commitment extends to strict adherence to state and local laws, aligning with crucial articles such as “The Antiquities Act of 1906,” “UNESCO 1970” (ratified in 1972), and “UNIDROIT 1995.” Additionally, this unwavering dedication ensures that our clients can explore our collection with the assurance that every acquisition is not only a work of art but also acquired in full compliance with established laws and regulations.

We are humbled, happy, and proud to present our ever-expanding online collection for your viewing pleasure and consideration.

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