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All Items: Peru: PEMC-105

An extraordinarily and expressive wooden Moche III seated bound prisoner. Uniquely made from a piece of the Aphandra (mastodon palm) tree into a human Calero (lime container). His facial features are exaggerated and remarkable. Almond shaped eyes, made of shell with purple spondylus pupils. Large nose, ears and pointed head. Curled copper wired whiskers are also attached to his face and nacre (mother of pearl) applied all around the neckline. Unclothed and hands bound by rope behind his back. Head is removable which exposes the attached copper spatula and hollowed out lower body. The fearsome Moche captured their enemy and humiliated them by removing their clothes, parading them prior to sacrifice. The removal of his head could symbolize the tribute of taking a trophy head.  

An outstanding piece of art history in wood rarely seen in an exceptional state of preservation and subject matter.

Size: 4"/10.16cm Unmounted - 6.25"/15.87cm Mounted

Condition: Near Choice. Natural wood separation on back. Pupil re-attached and expected copper oxidation under head where spatula is attached.

Mochica III 200-300AD.

Provenance: Ex Alexander Acevedo Gallery, NYC

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Moche Seated Bound Prisoner
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