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A very rare “Elites” false head bundle from the Nazca-Huari period. This remarkable mummy face mask head is comprised of Totoro Reed stuffed within a woven cotton gauze. Small individual vibrant orange colored feathers are attached to the front creating the face. Nose bundle is in relief with black feathers being applied for contrast. Eyes and mouth are made from copper sheet and sewn in. The crown is composed of two sections. The lower headband is a woven textile with colorful zoomorphic imagery. The upper is a bulky cotton gauze. Braided rope also adorns the entire head.

Measures 7” in height, 7” in width, 3” in depth.

Southern Peru, ca. 500 - 1000 AD.

A very unique and rare piece. Minor feather and copper loss otherwise Choice.

Ex. Private Florida collection; C Pinnell, Oragan

Nazca - Huari False Head Mummy Mask
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