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A very unique and important Bi-point Native Copper Blade with gorgeous verdigris patina. Kuntur Wasi - Chavin, San Pablo Province Peru c.800 - 550 BC. Length is 19.25"/48.89 cm.

This impressive blade is like no other as to it's shape, size, composition and engraving.   

The piece must have held great symbolic value and made for someone of wealth and importance. The inscription or zoomorphic symbols are engraved in what appears to be avian in style. Six double headed birds facing outwards are visible in consecutive order on both sides. Kuntur Wasi in Quechua means temple or house of the condor. In the Andes, the condor is the one who dominates and regarded as the guardian spirit of the dead. Trace amounts of cotton cloth and strapping surrounding the center handle area.

The engraving is similar to those of Paracas but Kunturn Wasi has association of Chavin-style iconography.

Condition: Choice. Mounted on custom metal stand.

A Non-invasive test was performed using Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence to accurately analyze it's composition. Six locations were targeted to avoid cross contamination.  99.849 Cu; 0.131 Fe; 0.018 Ni. The reading shown is from one spot which yielded the highest trace elements. The conclusion is this is Native copper. Our research has led us to believe that this implement was sourced out of the "Mina Perdida" Lost Mines located in northern Peru. Native copper was used in the earliest pieces. Techniques were developed later to produce alloys through cultural evolution. From the manufacturing viewpoint, the artisan had superior skill and dexterity to produced this desired shape and thickness. Cold hammering with some heat applied and not cast like commercialized "Tumis" (half moon blades with handle) used in later cultures.

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Kuntur Wasi - Chavin Bi-point Native Copper Blade
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