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An excellent decorative Inca Urpus. Full human head over vase body. Red painted face with black eyes and bob haircut. Nose and ear ornaments. The back of the upper vessel comes to a point. Possibly representing a hunch-backed male. Sculpted low relief arms reaching out to front on upper chamber. Standard side strap handles mid torso with pointed bottom. Great rich original paint with decorated tocapu style designs over shoulders.  

Measures 11" /27.94 cm in height.

Condition: Half-dollar size area behind right shoulder with small rim chips repair. Some surface erosion over motifs otherwise in Excellent Condition. Peru, Late Horizon, 1476-1534 AD.

Ex G. Wald Estate, MA. Acquired 1970s

As with all ceramics from these time periods, they met two functions: simple daily domestic use with less finishing or ceremonial vessels that showed higher aesthetic commitment.  

Inca Portrait Head Urpus - Aryballo
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