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Valdivian Conjoined “Venus” Twins

Valdivian Phase 3 Conjoined twins. Unslipped light tan ceramic. Rare example. Two heads rising from the shoulders sharing a single body that tapers to a rounded stub. Arms in front come together under the breast. Their faces are flat with eyes and mouth represented by deep slits. The shoulder length coiffure forms a frame on three sides of their face. The back of the heads displays elaborate fine incisions suggesting individual hairs parted down the middle with hair running from within. The lower back curves outwards slightly and is cut inwards sharply forming angular buttocks and rendered more realistic by a vertical groove up the center. Below this, is a perforated hole from back to front. Restored from three large sections. Scattered dendrites and mineral deposits throughout. Measures 5.5"/13,97 cm. Santa Elena, Ecuador Ca. 2300 B.C. - 2200 B.C.  

Ex Private Florida collection. Acquired through inheritance 1980s.

Similar examples published in Ancient Ecuador - Culture, Clay and Creativity 3000 - 300 B.C.  p 77, pls. 84, 86; example housed in Casa del Alabado Museum, Quito - Ecuador.

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