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Rare Early Guangala Figural
850. USD

A rare example of a very early Guangala figurine from Ecuador, circa 500 BC - 100 AD.  This piece depicts a female with incised patterns that are indicative of jewelry, clothing, and/or possible tattooing/ritual scarification.

These figures show some similarity to earlier Valdivian (Venus) figurines and are mostly misrepresented as from the Machalilla Phase. The incising across the neck of this figure is thought to represent a necklace. As such, Guangala figures such as this example are among the earliest figurines in the New World to depict individuals wearing jewelry.

Measures 2”/5.08 cm.

Condition: Choice

Reference: Little People of the Earth, page 24, for comparable examples and further scholarly information.

A very rare and early Guangala figure from ancient Ecuador that displays well.

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