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Narrio Ucuyaya Shell Figurine
1,225. USD

An exceedingly rare and adorable "Ucuyaya" (grandfather or ancestor in native quichua) from Cerro Narrio, province of Cañar. Made from the important Spondylus shell which shows clear relationships with contemporary societies of the coastal plain (Machalilla culture and Chorrera horizon) and the Amazon, especially in the area of    Macas and the Upano River. These small baby faced figurines were deposited in graves as offerings for protective spirits or some kind of personal alter ego. Its status as an ancestor is recognized by his piercing, deep eyes, subtle creative hands and headdress. The minimum set of features to associate images of ancestors of pre-Columbian art of Ecuador. 2400BC-450AD. Measures 7cm. Custom Mounted. Beautiful rich color and in Choice condition.

Ref: Treasures of the Andes. Pg 31. Ceremonial Centers: Places of Sacred Ritual.

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