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A Handsome standing male incensario. Highly burnished gray-black ceramic. An oxygen-poor environment, called a reducing atmosphere, results in a build-up of black carbon which produces it's iconic color. Strong profile facial features wearing disc ear ornaments and high karat nose ring. Incised motifs of tattooing across jaw line shows the high rank and identity to this individual. Arms held to his sides. Oversized 9"/22.86 cm dia. shallow platter type headdress with light burnished patterns on underside. Reassembled and visible restoration over breaks to meet museum criteria. Measures 17.32"/44 cm tall with a 9.69"/24.6 cm diameter pedestal base. Manta, Ecuador 700/1500 AD. Very impressive and large specimen.

Ref. Pre-Columbian Art of South America, Alan Lapiner., Pg. 363

Digging up prehistory "The Archaeology of Ecuador" Pg. 359

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Manteño Incensario
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