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12,800. USD

An Exceptional Manteño Bone Finial of Pachacamac "The Creator". This superb carving expressively insinuates supreme status. High probability of this being made for an extremely high ranked or important individual. Use of bone was very spiritual and a highly valued commodity. Very solid and heavy piece. Measures an impressive 7.75"/19.68cm (unmounted). Costal, Ecuador. 700 A.D - 1550 A.D. Excellent overall patina.

Condition: Choice

Provenance: Ex Alexander Acevedo Gallery, NYC

Pachacamac was principally a coastal creator god who was ultimately combined with Viracocha, the highland creator deity.

Ref."The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Incas", "Tales of the Gods". p.193 (See image 6 for comparison).

The Manteño were known for their tradesmenship and seafaring superiority. They flourished along the Ecuadorian coast from 700 A.D. until around 1528 when invaded by Pizarro. They witnessed the demise of their own people and neighbors, the Inca. Important evidence of bilateral shares of ideologies and integration of culture between the lncas and Manteños.

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Manteño/Huancavilca Bone Finial
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