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Pre-Columbian Artifacts for Seasoned and Inspired Collectors Alike
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Expressive example of a warrior or priest with fine details, almond eyes, naturalistic nose and cheeks with coca. Ornate ear spool remains. The Tumaco culture of Colombia developed in conjunction with the neighboring La Tolita culture in Ecuador, and the artifacts of both cultures are oftentimes so similar that distinctions are impossible. Both societies revolved around an economy based on fishing, maize growth, and gold, the latter of which was readily found in the rivers in Pre-Columbian times. Much like Moche art, La Tolita / Tumaco artistry focused on representations of people in a realistic fashion, showing them in a wide variety of conditions and contexts. Esmeraldas region, Ecuador. Fragmentary Large piece.

Measures 6" plus mount.

Similar example are seen in "Tumaco 1000 ans D'art Precolombien"

845. USD
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La Tolita / Tumaco Priest Head
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