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Pre-Columbian Artifacts for Seasoned and Inspired Collectors Alike
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Elegant naturalistic Chone style Jamacoaque figurine. This individual sits on his buttocks, knees bent in front. He holds a round poporo (lime pot) in one hand and a spatula or tusk-shaped object in the other. He wears a cloak over his chest and a long headdress on his head. The graceful flaps behind the ears of the figure on this vessel may refer to bird-men. Meticulously applied appliquéd over his apparels. He also wears earrings, nose ring and chin piece. Remnants of pale green pigment are still present. Surface restoration on back with some appliqués being reattached on front. Nice deposits throughout. This figural served as a tomb guardian amidst other offerings that would have accompanied the dead in burial. The mythical attributes of costume are symbols in a communication system between humans and deities in life and in death. Manabi region, Ecuador. 500 B.C. - 500 A.D. Measures 8.5” / 21.59 cm in height. Excellent example of Jamacoaque creativity and workmanship.

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Chone Style Jamacoaque Shaman
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