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Very Rare, Scholarly Publication from the Society for American Archaeology. Complete run from Vol. 1 (1990) to Vol. 15 (2004) and Vol. 17 (2006) to Vol. 19 (2008). Massive lot of 72 back issued journals of Latin American Antiquity. These were published quarterly by the Society for American Archaeology and are packed with articles, reports and reviews by professional archaeologists on all aspects of Latin American archaeology and epigraphy. Most of the issues are around 120 pages in length. These journals are well illustrated with line drawings, photos, graphs, charts, tables, maps, and profiles. Article topics cover all aspects and regions of the archaeology of Latin America, but are focused heavily on Mesoamerica and the ancient Andes. Nevertheless, Amazonia, the Caribbean, Central America, and the southern periphery of South America are also covered. All time periods from controversial early Paleoindian populations to early civilizations, such as the Olmecs and the Chavin to classic societies, such as Teotihuacan and Zapotec Monte Alban to the Contact Era states, such as the Aztecs and Incas are covered by these journals. Articles cover epigraphy, excavations of specific sites, settlement surveys, geoarchaeological and environmental archaeological studies, lithic and ceramic analyses, urbanization, the rise of agriculture, the Classic Maya Collapse, etc. These journals are in very good condition. The bindings are strong and solid.

Comprehensive list of Articles, Reports and Reviews

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SAA Latin American Antiquity Journals
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