Precolumbian Art - South America

South America includes Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina

In pre-Columbian Colombia, the principal archaeological cultural phases are Calima, Sinu, Chibcha, Quimbaya, San Agustin, Tairona, Cauca, Nariño, Muisca, Tumaco, and Inca.

In Pre-Columbian Ecuador, the principal archaeological cultural phases include Las Vegas, Valdivia, Machalilla, Cotocollao, Chorrera, Narrio, La Tolita, Guangala, Jamacoaque, Jambeli, Capuli, Bahia, Puruha, Cuasmal, Manteno, Huancavilca, Milagro – Quevedo, Atacames, Canari, and Inca.

In Pre-Columbian Peru, the principal archaeological cultural phases are Chavin, Huari/Wari, Paracas, Vicus, Recuay, Nazca, Salinar, Mochica/Moche, Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku, Chimu, Ica, Chancay, and Inca.

In Pre-Columbian Bolivia, the principal archaeological cultural phases are Chiripa, Yaya-Mama, Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku, Huari/Wari, Moxos, and Inca.

In pre-Columbian Argentina, the principal archaeological cultural phase is Condorhuasi-Alamito.

Moche Copper Axe “Ai Apaec”

This axe head is an extraordinarily decorated anthropomorphic blade. The artisans fashioned it from copper in the traditional Vicús style.

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Moche Bronze Lime Spoons c 100 BC – 300 AD

An ornate pair of lime spoons with Sandpiper finials. These small spoons removed lime from specialized receptacles (caleros, poporus) as part of the coca...

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Published Moche “Ai Apaec” Tumi

Atop of this copper tumi sits one of the most important deities in the Moche pantheon, the great god of creation - Ai Apaec. God of the sky and mountain...

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Published Moche “Erotic Scene” Tumi

This Moche copper tumi is finalized with a detailed couple in a symbolic erotic scene. One person is lying on top while the other rests on the bottom platform.

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Moche Wood Scepter c. 400-800 AD.

A Masterpiece of Mochica artistry. An intricately carved Moche wood scepter of an important high-ranked warrior. He stands clutching a mace club close to his...

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Moche Pututu Trumpet Shell Horn

An important Pututu Shell Waylla Kepa. The early Andeans used this marine shell (rare) trumpet to partake in ceremonial announcements, call to arms...

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Moche Druzy Crystal Tumi

This is an excellent Moche lord stone tumi with a suspension hole. Made from druzy quartz crystal, it has a deeply incised carving and a nice patina.

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Inca Dish with Bird Head Handle

Discover the exquisite beauty of this small Inca dish (Chua) featuring a sparrow’s head handle. This shallow vessel was prevalent in its era, favored by...

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Chancay Jaguar Textile Ornaments

A sizable pair of Textile Ornaments with painted Jaguars from the Chancay culture, Peru. Ca. 900 - 1400 AD. Colorful woven camelid and cotton textiles...

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Chancay Funerary Doll False Head

An outstanding Chancay funerary doll with a false head. It is finely made and unrivaled in size. It is composed of wrapped reeds, sticks, and vegetal fibers...

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Chancay Small False Mask

Uniquely sized Chancay false mummy mask. Carved from a solid piece of wood. The face is painted overall in red cinnabar or iron oxide. The facial features are

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Publicized Hauri/Chancay False Head

A nicely carved smaller false mummy mask. Painted overall in red cinnabar or iron oxide. Facial features are in relief. Eyes are incised white with black...

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