The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols

The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols
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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols

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Sacred Valley of the Incas Book


Published 2004

Fernando and Edgar Elorrieta Salazar introduce the world to a new and profound view of Andean myths that they have decoded and converted into history and reality by studying semiotics, aesthetics, and archaeoastronomy.

Cultural myths function as a way of conceptualizing and organizing something a group holds in common. Its connotation is ideological and serves to cause one to believe that this “something,” whether it be shared values, attitudes, or beliefs, is natural, normal, of common sense, and may even be valid. The Andean myths contain sacred history and material testimony that reflect current events. – Publisher

160 pages with over 200 color photos

Enlightened and Cultural Reading

If you are searching for a book that ties together Andean mythology, Incan Historical Data, and a new approach to those applications and relevancies today, this book will impress you.

“The Sacred Valley of the Incas is the newest addition to Andean myth and sacred symbolism with a unique cultural twist unexpected from a book of this genre. The Salazar brothers offer profound views of Andean myths that, with the help of native shamans and historians, have been able to decode through the application of semiotics, aesthetics, and archaeoastronomy”. – Healthy Warrior


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