Guanacaste-Nicoya Jade Axe God

Guanacaste-Nicoya Jade Axe God
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Guanacaste-Nicoya Jade Axe God
Guanacaste-Nicoya Jade Axe God

Intricate Details and Artistic Narrative of this

Guanacaste-Nicoya Celt


The axe gods are believed to have had ceremonial and symbolic significance, possibly representing deities or ancestral spirits. They were crafted with great skill, showcasing the artistic and technical prowess of the ancient cultures in the region. The use of jade underscores its cultural importance, as jade was highly valued for its rarity and perceived spiritual properties.

Carvings on Guanacaste-Nicoya Jade axe gods are culturally and symbolically significant, portraying mythological, spiritual, or ceremonial themes. These intricate carvings played a role in religious rituals, serving as conduits between the physical and spiritual realms. The artifacts, crafted with precious materials like jadeite jade, denoted high social status and participation in important ceremonies. Nature-inspired elements in the carvings highlight the cultural connection to the environment, while the use of jade adds ritualistic importance associated with fertility and renewal. These carvings offer insights into the cultural identity and artistic expression of the ancient Mesoamerican societies in the Guanacaste-Nicoya region.

This Olmecoid-type jade celt features exquisite low-relief carving with fine curvilinear incising, presenting a highly polished surface. It includes drilled pits for eyes and smaller pits at the corners of the mouth with an abbreviated square tongue. The nose exhibits a triangular shape with incised scrolled nose ornaments, and the short trapezoidal hat is adorned with two bands of incised braid and triangular patterns. The hands are positioned facing down near the waist. The rear is undecorated. It displays a flat sawed surface, partially smoothed with a broken septum. Additionally, there are two drilled holes on each side of the head, allowing for suspension and wear of this object. Dark green Jadeite.

H. 4.875”/12.38 cm. Choice to near choice condition. Guanacaste-Nicoya region, Costa Rica. Ca. 500 B.C. – 500 A.D.

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