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Fremont Clay Effigy Figurine

Fremont Clay Effigy Figurine
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Fremont Clay Effigy Figurine
Fremont Clay Effigy Figurine
Fremont Clay Effigy Figurine

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Fremont Effigy


An exceedingly rare unfired buff clay figurine from the Fremont Culture. They are a prehistoric Native American culture that inhabited what is now the western United States, particularly in the present-day states of Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Colorado, during the Late Prehistoric period, roughly from about 700 to 1300 AD. The purpose of this figurine is still unknown, but it suggests these artifacts may be associated with religious rituals or fertility. Very little is known about this culture, but they are famous for their rock art.  Their pictographs and petroglyphs depict trapezoidal figures with arms, legs, and fingers and are decorated with headdresses and necklaces. This figurine measures approx. 4″ in height. Flat wide face with nose and eyes that are incised. Short arm with adornments. Bears small breast.  She wears a beaded choker and apron. Choice condition.

Provenance: Private California Collection.

Price – $7,800


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