Early Guangala figurine

Early Guangala figurine
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Early Guangala figurine
Early Guangala figurine
Early Guangala figurine

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Guangala Figurine


A rare example of a very early Guangala figurine from Ecuador, circa 500 BC – 100 AD. This piece depicts a female with incised patterns indicative of jewelry, clothing, and possible tattooing/ritual scarification.

These figures resemble earlier Valdivian (Venus) figurines and are mostly misrepresented as from the Machalilla Phase. The incising across this figure’s neck is thought to represent a necklace. As such, Guangala figures such as this example are among the earliest figurines in the New World to depict individuals wearing jewelry.

Measures 2”/5.08 cm.

Completely intact and in Choice condition.

Reference: Little People of the Earth, page 24, for comparable examples and further scholarly information.

A scarce and early Guangala figure from ancient Ecuador that displays well.

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