Coclé Macaracas Pedestal Plate

Coclé Macaracas Pedestal Plate
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Coclé Macaracas Pedestal Plate
Coclé Macaracas Pedestal Plate

Intricate Details and Artistic Narrative of this

Coclé Macaracas Pedestal Dish


Coclé pottery is known for its intricate designs, skillful modeling, and vibrant polychrome paintings. Some common themes in Coclé pottery include human figures, animals, geometric patterns, and mythological motifs. These vessels were often created for both practical and ceremonial purposes.

These artifacts showcase the artistic and technical achievements of the Coclé people. The vessels vary in size and shape, some being small bowls or plates, while others are more giant jars or urns. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the artwork on these vessels reflect the cultural and religious significance of the artifacts.

Cocle pottery has been discovered in various archaeological sites in Panama, providing insights into the daily life, beliefs, and artistic expressions of the Cocle civilization. The artifacts contribute to our understanding of the region’s rich cultural history before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the subsequent European colonization of the Americas.

The imagery on this vessel depicts an early-stage shaman transforming into a saurian creature within the basin. Long exaggerated claws with serrated stingray barbs projecting from head and tail.
This gorgeous Coclé Macaracas pedestal dish originates from ancient Panama ca. 800 – 1000 A.D. It is distinctive as its intricate design boasts a stylized blending of human and animal features, which adds a spiritual and symbolic dimension to the artwork.

The use of bold black lines and vibrant red and blue colors, arranged in symmetrical patterns over cream/white, contributes to its uniqueness. The vessel bears a conical foot and a pedestal base surmounted by a shallow bowl. Four triangular cutouts are on the sides of the stemmed base. Reassembled from several large sections.

Measures 6.5 inches in diameter.

Provenance: Ex Carraher collection,  Knoxville, TN. Acquired in the 1970s.

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