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An important Moche Pututu Shell Waylla Kepa.  This marine shell (rare) trumpet was used by the early Andeans to partake in ceremonial announcements, calls to arms and/or to communicate with the supernatural forces. They emit a load blasting sound that is said to linger on across time and space. The conical mouthpiece is uniquely made of silver. The addition and presence of this silver metal mouthpiece is important. It strongly suggests a desire to enhance the performance of the instrument as this allows for a better and more comfortable vibration of the lips. Metal mouthpieces appear to be fairly standardized in the Northern Peru region during the first half of the first millennium. Unfortunately, the few Strombus waylla kepa that have survived, have lost their metal mouthpieces with some being restored.

Northern Peru, Ca. 1 - 800 A.D. Measures 6”/15.24 cm in length. All Original, no restoration. Excellent rich patina.

Ex Weston, Santa Clarita, CA collection. Acquired 1960s

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Moche Shell Waylla Kepa - Trumpet
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