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Nazca Stone Mace with Silver Moon Inlay
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An exceptional Nazca ceremonial club. One of the hardest items to come by intact from this region with these outstanding features. The wood handle is probably made from the Mastodon palm. Parrot feathers surround and trim the lower base of the six pointed stone head. The maker did not hold back in demonstrating that this club was made for a very high status individual. The outer mace has been incised with a humanoid figure. Each point is adorned with an appendage. Under magnification, tiny clear crystal stones are embedded in the eyes with a gold flake nested in one. A triangular green stone is placed in his forehead.  In the center body of the stone mace, is an extraordinary series of Sun Flairs edging outwards from a cast Silver moon - illustrating a solar eclipse.

This depiction strongly suggests the shared Andean Sun God - later to be known by the Incas as “Inti”.

The lower shaft is also impressive. The wood finial is carved flat into a musician holding a bone flute. Larger light purple colored stones are embedded to each side separating his body and arms. Truly, an amazing piece. Southern Peru. Nazca, ca. 100  B.C. - 800 A.D.

Measures 17”/43.1 cm in length, 4.5”/11.43 cm mace head.

Condition: Wood shaft is rough and fraying with chipped stone points otherwise, in excellent condition.

Ex Boston, MA collection acquired before 1975

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