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Ai Apaec

Atop of this copper tumi sits one of the most important deities in the Moche pantheon, the great god of creation - Ai Apaec. God of the sky and mountain. Precursor to the Inca god Viracocha. Superb detailed casting. Fearsome warrior face with hair of snakes. Both arms and legs finials also detailed showing open mouth serpents. Verdigris patina throughout. Northwest Peru 1 - 700 AD.

Measures 7.5"/19 cm. Custom stand will be made upon acquisition.

This piece is one of two being offered from a collection published in a large coffee table book called “Cobre del Antiguo Peru - The Copper of Ancient Peru”. Highly sought by specialist and collectors alike. pp. 370 and 371; plate 52/53/54.

Caption p. 518  "Moche, from the Loma Negra site. Copper ceremonial knife with a cast complex on the upper part that represents an anthropozoomorphic figure with serpents that climb on his shoulders and reach his head like a headdress and around his ankles and feet the figure is soldered to the body of the knife that has also made by casting. 19 x 6.5 cm."


Private Collection acquired in 70's.; Ex Villacreses Collection, Ca

All Items: Peru: PEMC-110C
Published Moche “Ai Apaec” Tumi
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