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A large Chancay Cuchimilco Female Figure.  Hollowed ceramic earthenware. Body and paint is nice and uniform. Dotted triangular shapes with step patterns painted with Iron Oxide. The holes on top of the head within the solid painted headband were used to hold feathered plums (penochos) to distinguish status within a social group. These figures represent individuals and were usually found in tombs of the nobility to ward off bad spirits.

Measures 23.25”/ 59 cm tall. Huaral province, Lima region, Peru. 1000 -1475 AD.

Hand and pinky has been reconstructed and very minor paint touch-up . Otherwise in Excellent condition.

Compare similar examples in: Ancestors of the Incas, The Lost Civilizations of Peru by Kauffmann-Doig.

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Chancay Cuchimilco
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