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Important Olmec Mask in Jade stone. Mexico, ca. 900-600 B.C.

This life size mask is finely sculptured with naturalistic expressive facial features in high relief.  Portrays a lively countenance with nasolabial lines to sides of nose and mouth; prominent frown, eyes are slit and hollowed, high cheeks, nostrils drilled, lips of the mouth slightly parted showing upper teeth. Projecting elongated ears are pierced. The back has four pierced holes for suspension. Polished face with partly smooth back. No fractures. Completely intact in Choice condition. Investment grade. Accompanied by CIRAM scientific analysis report.  Video on Image 6.

Measures: 7.25”/18.41 cm H;  5.75”/14.60 cm W;  2.25”/5.71 cm D. Comes with a custom metal base with overall height of 9.25”/23.50 cm.  

Provenance: L. Smyth, Florida. By way of inheritance. Acquired 1970s - 80s.

Olmec Jade Mask
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