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Set of two large and heavy Inca Bronze Axes with Sacred Owl "Tuco" - Rare

Cast bronze with half moon shape blade. Center hole in the thick haft base. Sacred Andean owl decorated on a single side. Eyes wide with long ear-tufts. A suitable insignia on a weapon blade that reflex wisdom and protection to the holder while announcing death to its opponent. Sierra, Ecuador. Ca. 1400 -1550 A.D. Vintage Riker display case.

Measures: 6”- 6.5” W, 5.75” H. 15.24-16.51 cm. W, 14.60 cm H.  Combined weight 90 oz. 2.5 kg.

Private FL collection; Ex Holmes, GA.

Ref: Cobre Del Antiguo Peru, plate 161 and p. 531

Inca Bronze Axe Blades with Owl Insignia
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