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A sophisticated and important ceremonial vessel from the Tairona Culture. This unique "Joined Chieftain Jar" represents a unity or marriage between a leading male and female dignitary. The vessels are tethered by a strap handle and secured at mid torso using a hollowed bridge - produced to distribute liquids (probably chicha) and effectively demonstrates equal balance of power). Both figures adorning well defined elaborate necklaces, large butterfly nose pieces and ear ornaments. Arms and legs to their sides with genitalia exposed. In addition, the male chews coca and possess a lower lip or chin plug.

Extremely scarce example of a high ranked female displaying a shared pendant. One of the most elite effigies, the emblematic "bird" figure with spread wings.  

Black Ware with earthen deposits throughout. North western Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Columbia. 900-1500AD. Measures 12.5" in length, over 8" in height.  Very impressive and refined center piece in an exceptional state of preservation.

Ex. Saint Louis, MO private collection  

Reference: Museo del Oro, Banco de la Republica - Columbia; Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington, D.C.; Similar example - Colombia Before Columbus, Plate 152.

2,850. USD
Tairona Joined Chieftain Jar
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