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This publication is from the Society for American Archaeology.  Latin American Antiquity Journal - Volume 15 Number 4 December 2004. Covers pages 372 through 478. The journal is well illustrated with line drawings, photos, graphs, charts, tables, maps, and profiles. Shows some shelf-ware on covers with writing on back. Binding is tight.


The Manipulation of Human Remains in Moche Society: Delayed Burials, Grave Reopening, and Secondary Offerings of Human Bones on the Peruvian North Coast  

The Southeastern Inka Frontier against the Chiriguanos: Structure and Dynamics of the Inka Imperial Borderlands  


Evidence for Long-Distance Transportation of Building Stones in the Inka Empire, from Cuzco, Peru to Saraguro, Ecuador

A Late Monte Albán I Phase (300-100 B.C.) Palace In The Valley Of Oaxaca  


Heterarchy, Political Economy, and the Ancient Maya

The Artifacts of Tikal: Utilitarian Artifacts and Unworked Material

Visions of a Huichol Shaman

Art and Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Cuba

Heart of Creation: The Mesoamerican World and the Legacy of Linda ScheleIncidents of Archaeology in Central America and Yucatan: Essays in Honor of Edwin M. Shook

A Scattering of Jades: Stories, Poems, and Prayers of the Aztecs

Portable Personal Possessions (Artifacts of the Spanish Colonies of Florida and the Caribbean, 1500-1800—Volume 2)

La "vera" visione dei vinti e la conquista del Messico nelle fonti azteche

Ancient Nasca Settlement and Society

Tikal: An Illustrated History of the Ancient Maya Capital

Modern Society Archaeology in South America: Material Culture, Discourses and Practices

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SAA Latin American Antiquity